Board & Committee Vacancies and other Volunteer Opportunities

This is a list of vacant positions within the Town. Anyone interested in a position should send in a letter of interest or contact the Town Administrator's Office for information.

Board, Committee & Commission Appointments Opening for FY 2021 - all 3 year unless noted

Agricultural Commission:  3 vacancies

Agricultural Commission, Alternate:  2 vacancies, 1 year

Ashley Falls Historical District Commission: 3 vacancies

Cultural Council: 1 vacancy

Emergency Management Coordinator: 1 vacancy; 1 year

5 Town Cable Committee: 2 vacancies

Historical Commission: 2 vacancies

Planning Board, Alternate: 1 vacancy, 1 year

Public Weigher: 4 vacancies, 1 year

Southern Berkshire District Veterans Service Delegate: 1 vacancy; 1 year

Veterans’ Grave Officer: 1 vacancy, 1 year