Town Park Reservations Q & A

SHEFFIELD TOWN PARK RESERVATIONS - - answers to frequently asked questions

Reservations are on the first come/first served basis and are for the Pavilion only:

  • Reservations can be made at 413-229-2682 ask for Grace Campbell.
  • Others are free to use the rest of the Park while you are there
  • Special permission must be granted to reserve the whole
  • Park Little League will be using the fields April, May, June. Please be aware of this when you schedule your event.

Park hours are from Dawn to Dusk:

  • Unless extended hours are approved with your reservation

The Pavilion and Bathrooms are HC accessible A HC port-a-potty is also available:

  • Usually at the parking lot near the Pavilion

Light switches for Pavilion & Bathrooms are inside the Pavilion in the corner toward the Baths:

  • Outlets are available in each corner of the Pavilion.
  • There is no night lighting for the parking lot.
  • There is a plug-in light on the pole by the Bathrooms.

Fresh running cold water is available:

  • The water is provided free by the Sheffield Water Co. Please conserve.
  • The Bathrooms have flush toilets.
  • Outside faucets/hose connections are located on west wall of Baths and northeast corner of Pavilion.
  • Water Slides are by special permission only, and they interfere with the toilets operating properly.

No ALCOHOL can be served without a permit and liability insurance:

  • A one-day alcoholic beverages license must be obtained from the Board of Selectmen.
  • Please contact their office at Town Hall, 21 Depot Square or call 229-7000 ext 152.
  • Applications may also be found on the Town web-site It is never too early to apply for your permit.

A Barbeque is outside the southeast corner of the Pavilion:

  • Please take your garbage with you when you leave.
  • Do not put it in the toter for the ball fields.
  • For very very large events, you might want to rent your own dumpster.
  • No staples in tables or building.
  • Please clean tables off before you leave.

No rental charge. Priority is given to Sheffield residents:

  • Donations are welcome and encouraged, as they help with Park expenses, and they can be made at Town Hall.

June 2014. Thank you, and happy to serve you, The Town Park Committee