House Numbering Bylaw


§~72-1. Uniform system adopted.

A uniform system of numbering dwellings and principal buildings, as shown on maps to be on file with the Selectmen's office, Town Hall, Sheffield, Massachusetts, is hereby adopted and incorporated herein by reference.

§~72-2. Use of system required; completion of conversion.

All properties or parcels of land within the corporate limits of Sheffield shall hereafter be identified by reference to the uniform numbering system adopted herein, and conversion to such numbering system must be completed within sixty (60) days from the effective date of this chapter.

§~72-3. Front entrance to determine number; multiple entrances.

  1. Each building shall bear the number assigned to the frontage on which the front entrance is located.
  2. In case a building is occupied by more than one (1) business or dwelling unit, each separate front entrance of such building shall bear a separate number.

§~72-4.  Posting of numbers.

Numerals indicating the official numbers for each building or each front entrance to such building shall be placed immediately above, on or at the side of the main entrance of each building so that the number can be seen clearly from the street line. If a building is situated more than fifty (50) feet from a street line, the number shall be placed near the driveway or common entrance to the building or upon a gate post, fence, tree, post or other appropriate place so as to be clearly discernible from the street line. Numerals shall be not fewer than three (3) inches in height and made of a durable and clearly visible material.

§~72-5. Maintenance and enforcement of system; numbers for new buildings.

  1. The Board of Selectmen shall be responsible for maintaining the numbering system and shall keep a record of all numbers assigned under this chapter and shall enforce the provisions of this chapter.
  2. The Board of Selectmen shall, at the request of a property owner, assign numbers for any new buildings constructed in town in accordance with §§~72-1 and 72-2 of this chapter.

§~72-6.  Violations and penalties.

Violation of this chapter shall be a misdemeanor and may be punished by a fine of one dollar ($1.) per day. Each separate day that such violation is continued shall constitute a separate offense. This chapter may be enforced pursuant to the provisions of M.G.L.A. C. 40, §~21D.