Zoning Board of Appeals

The Sheffield Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is an appointed five member board, with one associate member who may sit on the board in case of absence, inability to act or conflict of interest on the part of any member or in the event of a vacancy. The ZBA has the power to hear and decide upon appeals by persons who have been unable to obtain a permit or enforcement action in accordance with Sheffield's Zoning By-Law and related zoning provisions of Massachusetts law. Also, it has the power to hear and decide on applications for variances from the requirements of the By-Law and applications for special permits under the "grandfather" provisions of the By-Law.

Copies of the Zoning By-Law and forms of applications to the ZBA can be obtained from the Town Clerk or the home page "FORMS AND APPLICATIONS" icon.

Board Members

Name Title
Eric Carlson Chair
Mark Bachetti Member
Allison Lassoe Member
John Reilley Member
Paul Nardi Member
Rene Wood Alternate
Catherine Miller Alternate