Agricultural Commission

The Agricultural Commission was established in 2006 to represent and address agricultural interests in our community. Their activities include:

  • Encouraging the pursuit of agriculture in Sheffield;
  • Promoting agricultural-based economic opportunities, and educational and community programs in Sheffield;
  • Mediating, advocating, educating, and/or negotiating on agricultural issues in conjunction with the Board of Selectmen;
  • Working for preservation and conservation of farms, farm and forest land, and working landscapes and associated traditions;
  • Advising the Board of Selectmen and other Town boards, departments, commissions and committees on activities and issues involving agriculture;
  • Pursuing all initiatives appropriate to creating a sustainable agricultural community;
  • Providing a voice and visibility for Sheffield’s farmers and agricultural businesses;
  • Preserving, revitalizing and sustaining Sheffield’s farming and forestry industries and traditions, and encouraging the pursuit of agriculture as a career opportunity and lifestyle.

Commission Members

Name Title
Amelia Conklin Member
Kathy Orlando Member
James Kelly Member
Robert Kilmer Member
Holly Aragi Member